Month: April 2023

The siege of Paris in 845

The Siege of Paris in 885AD by the Vikings was a pivotal moment in French history, marked by bloody battles and cunning tactics.

The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer

The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England: The past is a foreign country. This is your guidebook. A time machine has just transported you back into the fourteenth century.

Effigy of Rollo of Normandy, Notre-Dame de Rouen

Rollo was a Viking warrior who became the first ruler of Normandy, France. He is known for his role in the Siege of Paris and the Norman Conquest of England.

Bevis of Hampton

Bevis of Hampton is a legendary figure from medieval English literature, known for his heroic feats and adventures.

The Battle of Ellandun (825), from 'Story of the British Nations' by Walter Hutchinson

The Battle of Ellendun or Battle of Wroughton was fought between Ecgberht of Wessex and Beornwulf of Mercia in September 825.

The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe

The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe. A lively and magisterial popular history that refutes common misperceptions of the European Middle Ages, showing the beauty and communion that flourished alongside the dark brutality—a brilliant reflection of humanity itself.

Excerpt from folio 48r of Harley MS 2278. The scene depicts brothers Hinguar and Hubba slaying Christians in the north of England.

A Look at the 9th Century AD reveals a time of great change and innovation in many parts of the world

A World Lit Only by Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance: Portrait of an Age

A World Lit Only by Fire: From tales of chivalrous knights to the barbarity of the Inquisition and the misery of the Black Death, no era has been a greater source of awe, horror, and wonder than the Middle Ages.

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