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Bayeux Tapestry

The 11th century in Europe witnessed power shifts, Byzantine decline, Norman conquests, and a schism in Christendom, shaping the High Middle Ages.

Vasily Polenov: Le droit du Seigneur (1874); artist's interpretation of an old man bringing his young daughters to their feudal lord

Primae Noctis, a controversial myth of feudal times, allegedly granted lords the right to claim a bride on her wedding night, sparking debates on power and consent.

A Great and Terrible King

A Great and Terrible King by Marc Morris explores Edward I's transformative reign, shaping Britain's history with unwavering determination.

Excerpt from folio 48r of Harley MS 2278. The scene depicts brothers Hinguar and Hubba slaying Christians in the north of England.

The Great Heathen Army: A Viking force like no other, sweeping across lands, leaving a trail of destruction and rewriting history.

Children of Ash and Elm A History of the Vikings by Neil Price

Children of Ash and Elm: A captivating journey through Viking history, unveiling their fearsome exploits and complex culture.

River Kings: A Times Book of the Year 2021 by Cat Jarman

River Kings: A captivating blend of history and adventure, Cat Jarman's award-winning book illuminates the enigmatic world of Viking burials.

Ragnar Lodbrok with sons Ivar and Ubba, 15th-century miniature in Harley MS 2278 folio 39r

Ragnar Lodbrok, the legendary Viking chieftain, continues to captivate imaginations with his audacious exploits and indomitable spirit.

Empty fifteenth-century tomb of King Æthelstan at Malmesbury Abbey

Æthelstan's triumphs stand as a testament to his leadership and indomitable spirit. As the first King of England, he unified the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England

The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England by Dan Jones. A gripping saga of power, ambition, and legacy.

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