Month: March 2024

Raynald imprisoned at Aleppo (from a mid-14th-century manuscript of William of Tyre's Historia and its Continuation)

Strategy and a Medieval State in Crisis: Despite strategic efforts, the crusader states faced insurmountable odds and ultimately, their downfall.

In Search of the Dark Ages by Michael Wood

In Search of the Dark Ages: Michael Wood unveils the untold stories of Britain from Boudica to William the Conqueror.

Carl von Clausewitz, while in Prussian service, painted by Wilhelm Wach in early 1830s.

Crusading warfare illuminated by Clausewitz's concepts of 'fog of war' and 'friction'—ever-present challenges in medieval strategic planning.


Fighting a Losing Battle, crusader states exemplified strategic perseverance against inevitable defeat, embodying tactical resilience.

American Vikings: How the Norse Sailed into the Lands and Imaginations of America by Martyn Whittock

American Vikings by Whittock unravels fact from myth, tracing their influence from ancient times to today's digital era.

The Crusader Assault on Jerusalem 1099, 14th Century

Strategic Culture and Adaptability: Crusader states showcased surprising strategic flexibility, challenging stereotypes of medieval military rigidity.

Reconstruction drawing of Londinium, c. 120 AD

Saxon Lundenwic's boundaries extend westward, revealed by National Gallery's 200th-anniversary excavation. Ancient artifacts unearthed, altering London's history.

Normal Women Nine Hundred Years of Making History by Philippa Gregory

Normal Women Nine Hundred Years of Making History by Philippa Gregory

In 1381 Richard II in England meets leaders of the Peasants' Revolt on Blackheath

Strategic Leadership in a Medieval State: Balancing dreams and pragmatism, crusader generals navigated the tightrope of aspirations versus capabilities, exemplifying the essence of strategy.

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