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Justinian and Theodora

Justinian's reign saw political stability, ambitious expansion, and a fusion of imperial and spiritual authority.

Various Orders throughout history

Military Orders shaped medieval Europe: blending martial prowess, religious devotion, and economic influence. Discover their legacy.

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Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. Workers on the field (down) and pay time (up), Byzantine Gospel of 11th century.

The Empire Before Justinian: Byzantium's economy relied on advanced agriculture, a sophisticated tax system, and vast trade, with Egypt's grain vital.

Teaching at Paris, in a late 14th-century Grandes Chroniques de France: the tonsured students sit on the floor

The Birth of the University marked a scholastic revival, merging ancient wisdom with medieval thought, propelling a quest for knowledge in the 12th Century.

Robert the Strong's image in a genealogy of French kings (c. 1384)

Robert the Strong: Explore the origins and rise of the Robertian family, the progenitors of the Capetian dynasty and modern European royals.

Terry Jones' Barbarians An Alternative Roman History by Terry Jones and Alan Ereira

Terry Jones' Barbarians: Terry Jones and Alan Ereira challenge stereotypes, revealing the sophisticated cultures Roman propaganda dismissed.

St Moulag

St. Moluag's Lost Abbey: Archaeologists on Lismore uncover St. Moluag's 8th-century monastery, revealing a site of historic Christian activity and crafts.

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