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Master Jean de Mauléon - Playing Dice

Crusading Criminals: Kings and princes indulged in gambling, reflecting poorly on royal stature.

Battle between Mongols & Chinese (1211)

13th Century: A pivotal era of Mongol conquests, European Crusades, and global empire expansions reshaping world history.

King John of England (left) in battle with the troops of Louis of France (right)

King John's Rebellion saw barons, led by Robert Fitzwalter, wage war against the king, seeking support from France's Louis, leading to a civil war in England.

Magna Carta The Birth of Liberty by Dan Jones

Magna Carta, a cornerstone of English liberty, was sealed in 1215. Dan Jones explores its origins, impact, and legacy in 'Magna Carta: The Birth of Liberty'

The High Crimes Code A mother who kills her child with a dagger

Women and Crusading Crime: Medieval crime mirrored norms, with men committing violent acts and women engaging in petty theft, a disparity more pronounced in crusader states.

Medieval Legends

Myth and Power: Discover how medieval legends shaped society, reinforced values, and influenced culture and politics.

Il-Ghazi, the lord of Mardin

When Alcoholism turned the tide in Crusader defence; Il-Ghazi's spree was their gain.

Crusades besieging Damascus, under banners of England, France and the Holy Roman Empire, during the Second Crusade, 1148

Crusaders at War: Crusaders' ill-discipline and criminality blurred the lines of warfare, escalating internal conflicts and straining crucial alliances.

Ancestors: A prehistory of Britain in seven burials by Alice Roberts

Ancestors: Delves into Britain's past through seven pivotal burials, exploring deep history with a blend of science and narrative.

Byzantium's Twilight Strategic Failures That Crushed an Empire by Michael G. Stroud

Byzantium's Twilight delves into strategic missteps and external pressures that precipitated the Byzantine Empire's decline.

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