Luciano Anastasi

Crusader Criminals: The Knights Who Went Rogue in the Holy Land by Dr. Steve Tibble

Crusader Criminals explores the dark, but very human, side of a violent time, revealing how ordinary people responded to the conditions of the Crusades.

Missing Monarchy: Correcting Misconceptions About The Middle Ages, Medieval Kingship, Democracy, And Liberty

Missing Monarchy challenges common beliefs about historical governance, advocating for a return to monarchy principles.

Uncovering Vikings: Beyond myths, exploring their culture, trade, and laws that shaped modern society.

Battle between Mongols & Chinese (1211)

13th Century: A pivotal era of Mongol conquests, European Crusades, and global empire expansions reshaping world history.

King John of England (left) in battle with the troops of Louis of France (right)

King John's Rebellion saw barons, led by Robert Fitzwalter, wage war against the king, seeking support from France's Louis, leading to a civil war in England.

Magna Carta The Birth of Liberty by Dan Jones

Magna Carta, a cornerstone of English liberty, was sealed in 1215. Dan Jones explores its origins, impact, and legacy in 'Magna Carta: The Birth of Liberty'

Ancestors: A prehistory of Britain in seven burials by Alice Roberts

Ancestors: Delves into Britain's past through seven pivotal burials, exploring deep history with a blend of science and narrative.

Byzantium's Twilight Strategic Failures That Crushed an Empire by Michael G. Stroud

Byzantium's Twilight delves into strategic missteps and external pressures that precipitated the Byzantine Empire's decline.

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Robert the Strong's image in a genealogy of French kings (c. 1384)

Robert the Strong: Explore the origins and rise of the Robertian family, the progenitors of the Capetian dynasty and modern European royals.

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