Historic Battles

Taking of Jerusalem by the Crusaders (1847) by Émile Signol

Siege of Jerusalem in 1099, witnessed a month-long siege, leading to a Christian kingdom's establishment and significant religious transformations.

An illustration of Kerbogha besieging Antioch, from a 14th-century manuscript in the care of the Bibliothèque nationale de France

Antioch's Fate in the First Crusade: A pivotal siege of Antioch in 1097-98 leading to the establishment of the Principality of Antioch by Bohemond of Taranto.

Offa of Mercia

King Offa of Mercia (757-796 AD), a powerful ruler in Anglo-Saxon England, reshaped his realm's destiny and clashed with the Church.

Siege of Nicaea of 1096

Legacy of Nicaea's Epic Stand: The Siege of Nicaea, a pivotal moment in Byzantine history, left an enduring legacy that echoed through the ages.

Imaginary encounter between Richard the Lionheart and a Saracen, 13th-century manuscript

Richard the Lionheart confronts Saladin at Arsuf, a pivotal moment in medieval history, showcasing their fierce rivalry.

Norman Castle in Bari

The Epic Norman Siege of Bari took place 1068–71, during the Middle Ages, when Norman forces laid siege to the city of Bari.

Tapisserie de Bayeux - Scène 51 (partielle) : la bataille d'Hastings, chevaliers et archers normands.

Battle of Hastings : A pivotal event in 1066, where William the Conqueror triumphed over King Harold, altering the course of English history.

Battle of Brunanburh

Brunanbruh, a legendary battle fought in the 10th century, that shaped the destiny of nations and left an indelible mark on Anglo-Saxon history.

The siege of Paris in 845

The Siege of Paris in 885AD by the Vikings was a pivotal moment in French history, marked by bloody battles and cunning tactics.

The Battle of Ellandun (825), from 'Story of the British Nations' by Walter Hutchinson

The Battle of Ellendun or Battle of Wroughton was fought between Ecgberht of Wessex and Beornwulf of Mercia in September 825.

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