High Middle Ages

This category is for the High Middle Ages — the traditional second division of the overall Middle Ages or Medieval Period in Europe and into Western Asia, generally during the 11th, 12th, & 13th-centuries.

An Arab city of the early medieval period

The Gangs of Medieval Cairo were marked by their disreputable reputations and affiliation with violent disorder.

Fatimid Army

Fatimid criminals, mercenaries, and slave soldiers were key in bolstering the Caliphate's military power, yet faced numerous social and racial challenges.

Krak des Chevaliers, NW Syria

Crusading Criminality and the Architecture of Fear: Burglars often entered homes by breaching walls, a testament to the insubstantial construction of the era.

Master Jean de Mauléon - Playing Dice

Crusading Criminals: Kings and princes indulged in gambling, reflecting poorly on royal stature.

Battle between Mongols & Chinese (1211)

13th Century: A pivotal era of Mongol conquests, European Crusades, and global empire expansions reshaping world history.

King John of England (left) in battle with the troops of Louis of France (right)

King John's Rebellion saw barons, led by Robert Fitzwalter, wage war against the king, seeking support from France's Louis, leading to a civil war in England.

The High Crimes Code A mother who kills her child with a dagger

Women and Crusading Crime: Medieval crime mirrored norms, with men committing violent acts and women engaging in petty theft, a disparity more pronounced in crusader states.

Il-Ghazi, the lord of Mardin

When Alcoholism turned the tide in Crusader defence; Il-Ghazi's spree was their gain.

Crusades besieging Damascus, under banners of England, France and the Holy Roman Empire, during the Second Crusade, 1148

Crusaders at War: Crusaders' ill-discipline and criminality blurred the lines of warfare, escalating internal conflicts and straining crucial alliances.

Various Orders throughout history

Military Orders shaped medieval Europe: blending martial prowess, religious devotion, and economic influence. Discover their legacy.

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