19th-century religious card depicting Benedict IX

The Tale of Benedict IX: A pope thrice, his reign marked by bribery, scandal, and the unique sale of the papacy, reshaping medieval Rome.

Pope John XII's Cornonation of Otto I

Pope John XII, young ruler of the Papal States, clashed with Lombards and allied with King Otto I, amidst a reign marked by controversy and political intrigue.

The Cadaver Synod: Pope Formosus and Stephen VI 1870

Pope Formosus' Trial, also known as the Cadaver Synod, was a macabre ecclesiastical trial in medieval Rome, sparking public outrage.


The Papacy: The journey spans from Peter to present—enduring persecution, power shifts, and historic schisms. Explore the evolution of the Catholic Church in the Medieval Era.

Pope Joan giving birth

Mythical Pope Joan, the female pope of the 9th century, remains a mysterious figure in history. While some believe in her existence, others deny it altogether.

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