Lost Princes Found? New Evidence Challenges Tudor History

Historical Bombshell: Did the Princes in the Tower Survive?

Unearthing a Historical Bombshell

In a stunning turn of events, amateur historian Phillipa Langley, renowned for her pivotal role in discovering Richard III’s remains beneath a Leicester car park, has now unearthed evidence that challenges the long-standing belief surrounding the fate of the Princes in the Tower. The prevailing theory, attributing their demise to their uncle Richard III in 1483, is now under scrutiny.

The Central Theory Under Scrutiny

For centuries, historians accepted the narrative that 12-year-old King Edward V and his nine-year-old brother were murdered by Richard III. However, Langley’s groundbreaking findings suggest an alternate reality where the young princes survived their imprisonment in the Tower of London.

A Tale of New Identities: Simnel and Warbeck

Langley’s research indicates that Edward and Richard assumed the identities of Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck, respectively. These two historical figures are well documented for their failed attempts to depose Henry VII in the late 15th century.

Simnel, the Unlikely King

According to Langley, Edward V is likely the central figure behind Lambert Simnel, who played a key role in the 1487 Yorkist invasion of England.

Warbeck’s Confession: A Misdirection?

Contrary to historical records, Langley proposes that Perkin Warbeck, who initially claimed to be Richard, may indeed have been the young prince. The evidence includes a witness statement, written in Middle Dutch in 1493, which details the separation of the brothers in the Tower and their subsequent escape.

A Witness Statement from the Past

The witness statement, presented in a Channel 4 documentary (See below), describes how Richard was smuggled from the Tower of London by Henry and Thomas Percy, who vowed to hide him secretly for a certain number of years. The document goes on to narrate Richard’s journey to France and then Portugal.

A Multinational Confirmation

Langley’s findings include three additional documents that lend credence to the theory of the princes’ survival. A 1493 document from King Maximilian’s court in France outlines distinctive birthmarks on the young man described in the witness statement. Another document from Holland in 1483 bears a royal seal and the signature of ‘Richard, Duke of York,’ promising payment upon gaining the English throne.

Warbeck’s Failed Bid and Confession

The fourth piece of evidence is a receipt for weapons, tied to the son of King Edward IV,’ for the 1487 Yorkist invasion of England, in which Simnel played a prominent role. Langley contends that this receipt supports her assertion that Simnel was, in fact, the young King Edward.

Langley’s Seven-Year Investigation Unveiled

Langley, who co-presents the documentary “The Princes in the Tower: The New Evidence” with Robert Rinder, highlights the “startling discoveries” made during seven years of research. She emphasizes the collaborative effort involving over 300 freelance researchers.

The Missing Crown: Edward V’s Unfinished Reign

Edward V, who was never crowned, and his brother were declared illegitimate heirs by Richard III, leading to their confinement in the Tower of London. The mystery of their disappearance from historical records has fueled speculation for centuries.

A Royal Roadblock: Queen Elizabeth II’s Interference

Efforts to test the remains of four children, potentially linked to Edward and Richard, have been thwarted. Queen Elizabeth II reportedly blocked investigations, citing the royal interment of the bodies.

Langley’s European Archival Clues

Langley’s investigation delved into European archives, revealing documents pointing to the princes’ escape and subsequent attempts to invade England. Her book, “The Princes in the Tower,” elaborates on the evidence presented in the documentary.

Connecting the Dots: Langley’s 2021 Research

Questions arise regarding how Langley’s new evidence aligns with her 2021 research, suggesting that Richard III may have spared Edward, allowing him to live under a false name in a rural Devon village. The previous project hinted at a secret deal between the boys’ mother and Richard III.

A Potential Rewrite of History

Langley’s findings, if validated, have the potential to reshape historical narratives surrounding the fate of the Princes in the Tower. The possibility that they survived challenges the established belief in their tragic demise at the hands of Richard III.

The Princes in the Tower Solving History's Greatest Cold Case by Philippa Langley
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