Templars: The Knights Who Made Britain


Templars: A gripping account of the Knights Templar, challenging received wisdom to show how these devout medieval knights played a profound role in making modern Britain
The Knights Templar have an enduring reputation—but not one they would recognize. Originally established in the twelfth century to protect pilgrims, the Order is remembered today for heresy, fanaticism, and even satanism.
In this bold new interpretation, Steve Tibble sets out to correct the record. The Templars, famous for their battles on Christendom’s eastern front, were in fact dedicated peace-mongers at home. They influenced royal strategy and policy, created financial structures, and brokered international peace treaties—primarily to ensure that men, money, and material could be transferred more readily to the east.
Charting the rise of the Order under Henry I through to its violent suppression following the fall of Acre, Tibble argues that these medieval knights were essential to the emergence of an early English state. Revealing the true legacy of the British Templars, he shows how a small group helped shape medieval Britain while simultaneously fighting in the name of the Christian Middle East.

Editorial Reviews

“Tibble explodes the old myths but the documented reality he unveils is even more fascinating: behind the warriors lay an intricate organisation of diplomats, lawyers, bankers and estate managers, all of them bound by a monastic oath.”—Jonathan Harris, author of The Lost World of Byzantium

“Thoughtful, original, accessible: Tibble writes with panache and, yes, the Templars were even more important and played an even bigger role in English affairs than we thought.”—Peter W. Edbury, author of The Conquest of Jerusalem and the Third Crusade

Templars is an engaging and fascinating exploration of the most famous medieval knights. Templars are, here, administrators and diplomats as well as warriors, supranational seekers of peace in Europe to fuel war in the Near East. In seeing their work in the round, Tibble offers us a deep and rich picture of the Order.”—Matthew Lewis, author of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine

“Vivid and illuminating. . . . With a wry style and a sharp eye for an engaging anecdote Tibble reveals the surprising profile of the Templars as diplomats, seafarers, farmers and financiers who, at times, were right at the heart of royal government – activities all essential to their core purpose of fighting to defend Jerusalem.”—Jonathan Philips, author of The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin

Templars: The Knights Who Made Britain by Steve Tibble
Genre: Non-Fiction
Age Range: Adult
Start Rating:
Publication Date: 12th September 2023
ISBN13: 978-0300264456
Steve Tibble

Dr. Steve Tibble

Steve Tibble is a distinguished scholar who holds degrees from both Cambridge and London Universities. Presently, he serves as a research associate at Royal Holloway College, University of London. His expertise lies in the field of the Crusades, and he is considered one of the leading academics in this area.

Tibble’s contributions to the study of the Crusades are noteworthy. He has authored the warfare and strategy chapters in two acclaimed books: ‘The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades’ and ‘The Cambridge History of the Crusades’ (2023). In addition to these academic achievements, his recent publications have garnered critical acclaim. Notably, ‘The Crusader Armies’ (Yale, 2018) and ‘The Crusader Strategy’ (Yale, 2020) were particularly well-received, with the latter being short-listed for the prestigious Duke of Wellington’s Military History Prize. 

Interestingly, academia represents a return to familiar territory for Steve Tibble. Following the completion of his Ph.D., he authored a book for Oxford in 1989, delving into the political tensions within the crusader states. Subsequently, he veered into the communications industry, focusing on strategy development within financial markets. During this phase, Tibble held the position of Communications Director at a prominent private equity company in Europe for over a decade. Additionally, he played an integral role in various significant projects, including the privatizations of major UK companies, designing corporate communications and investor relations strategies for numerous FTSE100 firms, and creating communication programs for several governments such as Germany, Dubai, Brazil, Finland, and Taiwan.

After his time in the financial world, Tibble embraced an honorary position at the University of London (Royal Holloway), where he found solace in pursuing his passion for academic writing, particularly specializing in the captivating era of the crusades, which had deeply intrigued him since his early days as a student.

The diverse nature of his career experiences has shaped Tibble’s approach to his work as a historian. Having engaged with non-specialist audiences during his time in the communications industry, he now endeavors to make complex historical concepts accessible to a wider readership. He adeptly weaves together far-reaching implications from current academic research in medieval history, introducing these ideas to broader audiences for the first time.


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